Redland Market Directory




Barbershop Designs B-02 Barbershop
Auto & Variety B-03 Automobile Accessories
Alteraciones Kokito B-10 Alterations, Repairs, Sewing
E.M.C. Jewelry B-100 & B-110 Jewelry
Yordanka Relis B-102 Jewelry
Jorge Meza B-107 Jewelry
Eddy’s Jewelry B-111 Jewelry
Maria’s Jewelry B-112 Jewelry
Zoes Jewelry B-115 Jewelry
Gloria’s Jewelry B-117 Jewelry
Jose Picado Electronics B-12 & B-13 & B-14 Audio Systems, Auto Parts & Accessories, DJ Equipment, Electronics, Music Instruments, Rims / Wheels, Tires
Sonido Latino Raul Luna B-15 Latino Sound
V & A Armando Montiel B-19 Cell Phones
Lady’s Underwear B-20 Woman’s Clothing and Underwear
Clara Ornelas B-32 Woman’s Clothing And Shoes
Catalina Castro B-33, D-20 Men’s Clothing
Kiosko Hermaras B-36 Your Daily Needs. Candy, Dollar Store & Discount, Household Goods, Perfume, Toys, Videos
Easy Wireless Communication B-37 Repairing and Customizing Cell Phones and Also a Pay Center
Tuo Qui B-39 Accessories For Occasion
Marianela J. Flores B-4 Bringing The Best In Footwear
Francisco Enriquez B-41 Repairs and Sale of Electronics
Unlimited Wireless B-44 Repairing And Customizing Cell Phones And Also A Pay center
FJS Fashion B-45 Fashion for All Occasions
Clothing Alterations B-59 Alterations, Repairs, Sewing
Marlin Continential Photographic B-61 Photographs and Restorations of Damaged Photos.  Also Sells Frames and Accessories
Abel Almaraz B-70 & B-81 The Sale Of Toys, Bathing Suits and Clothing for Girls
Canice Corp Electric B-73 The Repair and Sell Of Phones
Avon B-85 The Sale of Makeup and Perfumes
Young Fashion B-96 Woman’s Accessories
Garcia Produce C-01 Farmers Market
Cancous Beverages C-01 Farmer’s Market
Marelis Cafeteria C-02 Latin Cuisine
Antonio Zuniga C-03 Farmer’s Market
Teresa Juanchi C-09 Farmer’s Market
Francisca Corona C-13 Farmer’s Market
Narciso Castro C-14 Farmers Market
Garcia Angie Produce C-15 South American Products and Grains
Humberto Jaimes C-17 Farmers Market
Maria Elena C-18 Farmer’s Market
Bernardo Hernandez C-20 Farmer’s Market
La Fontana Verde C-24 Health Care and Beauty Products
Manmar Sea Food C-8 & C-7 & C-6 Seafood and Restaurant Services
Alfredo y Ernesto Flores D-00 Men and Woman’s Clothing
Torre’s Electronic D-01 Audio Systems, Auto Parts & Accessories, DJ Equipment, Electronics, Music Instruments, Rims / Wheels, Tires
Music Instruments D-02 Musical Instruments
Gazapo Shoe’s D-02 & D-04 Children’s Clothing, Clothing & Accessories, Footwear, Men’s Clothing, Shoes, Underwear & Socks, Women’s Clothing
Azteca Mexican Leather Goods D-19 & L-21 Belts, Boots, Hats, Leather Goods, Men’s Clothing, Shoes, Women’s Clothing
Don Jose D-21 Latino Sound
Maria Villatora D-22 Electronics
Mariana Castillo D-23 Luggage and Linens
El Chino Shoes & Accessories D-24 Men and Woman’s Clothing and Shoes
Claudette Sintilus F-08 Accessories, Bath & Body, Children’s Clothing, Footwear, Household Goods, Linen / Fabric, Luggage, Men’s Clothing, Perfume, Shoes, Underwear & Socks, Women’s Clothin
Nora Sandoval F-09 Accessories, CD’s / DVD, Dollar Store & Discount, Home Décor, Household Goods, Jewelry, Music, Videos
Tonys Bike Repair F-17 Repairing Bikes as well as Selling Its Accessories
Sary Shoes F-18 & F-19 All Things Shoes
Lozaman Inc. F-22 Electronics & Hardware
Elsa M.Maldonado F-29 Children’s Clothing, Clothing & Accessories, Frames & Ceramics, Handbags, Party Favors, Perfume, Piñatas, Shoes, T-Shirts, Underwear & Socks
Mariana Castillo F-31 & F-34 Clothing
Adelle F-33 Clothing & Accessories, Linen / Fabric, Men’s Clothing, Shoes, Underwear & Socks, Wigs & Hair Pieces, Women’s Clothing
Arauz Furniture F-34 Furniture, Home Décor, Household Goods, Mirrors
Beee Kid Clothes F-35 Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Underwear & Socks
Claudia Bonilla F-38 Candy, Children’s Clothing, Health & Beauty, Ice Cream, Party Favors
Tilso Sosa G-11 & G-12 Handbags and Luggage
Goony Variety G-15 Women’s Clothing and Home Accessories
Tico USA Store G-16 Electronics, Furniture, Home Décor, Household Goods, Patio & Garden
Lavelle Fashion G-18 & G-19 Woman’s Clothing
Marie Metelus G-21 Women’s Fashion and Accessories
Deportes Garcia G-27 Sporting Goods
Garcia Boots & Leather G-28 Boots, Belts, Wallets and Leather Goods
Garcia Electronics G-28 Audio Systems
Acosta’s Electronic G-7 & G-8 Repairs, Installments and The Sale Of Electronics
Zarita’s Hotdog J-01 Latin Cuisine
Aztlan J-02 Latin Cuisine
Pusito Azteca J-06 & J-07 Latin Cuisine
Nueva Esperanza J-21 Candy & Ice Cream
Jenny & Chris Cafeteria J-26 Latin Cuisine
Pupuseria La Palma J-29 Latin Cuisine
Morenos Ranchito J-38 Latin Cuisine
Antojitas Tona J-39 Latin Cuisine
Cortez Fashion L-13 Clothing and Accessories
Fritz Dreher L-20 Jewelry